Cut The Crap Out Of Web Pages And Enjoy Reading With Text Mode For Chrome

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Web Pages contain a lot of contents like Images, Videos and Ads which can be distracting at the times when a web site is full of amazing content to read. Even in certain cases if your Internet connection is slow these elements might make a web site of your choice take a long time to load. Text Mode is a Chrome extension which makes your Web experience delighted and makes sure you are not distracted by flashy elements on a web page. What it does is, it removes all images, videos, ads leaving behind only text on the web page. It also turns every web page’s color to gray-scale to keep a page minimal and give less distortion to your eyes.

Just Add the Extension to chrome and click on the T icon besides the address bar in chrome and the extension starts working right there.

text mode

Text Mode is a Good Extension for Enjoying distortion free reading. It can also act as a Ad-blocker yet the extension just needs to be more in-depth in terms of allowing user customization as for adding some exceptions say for site like YouTube, or even allowing color changes. Yet the Extension does its job pretty well.

Click Here To Get Text Mode For Chrome