For Internet Users in China its Compulsory to Register With Real Names

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You might be knowing the great Chinese Firewall (aka Internet Censorship). Recently China‘s Government on Friday announced that the country’s 500 million internet users must register their real names when signing up for Internet and phone services.

Enforcing real name registration will make web users more cautious when posting comments online.”

If you don’t know China has the biggest base of Internet users and also to note that it consists of 40% of overall population of the Country. Apparently China is a Communist country and it order to protect the government they censor the Internet as of to avoid any revolt against the party. Still its like stealing freedom of speech from the people.

The new law also includes approval for the deletion of posts that are deemed illegal.

The Government already tightly monitors the Internet, still Anonymous remarks were unidentified and this rule will surely be helpful in such case. Also pointing out that many other countries already have such rules its were prominent that our internet freedom is in a Danger