Hate YouTube Ads Then Play YouTube Videos with VLC Media Player

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Everyone hates those YouTube Ads which disrupt your YouTube Viewing experience. Well now thanks to your beloved VLC Media Player you can skip that easily.

To Play YouTube Videos in your VLC Media player
Firstly: Open VLC Media Player
And Then: Press Ctrl+N to open the Network URL dialog and paste any YouTube video URL in the input box.
That’s it!

You can take the benefits of various features of the VLC Media Player which else are not available on the standard Youtube Player. Like Changing aspect ratio of the video, option to zoom-in or zoom-out also VLC Media Player’s unique always on top feature to have the video always in the foreground no matter whatever task you do on your system.

You can also play entire YouTube Playlists in the VLC Media Player with just this simple trick
Firstly:  Right-click and save this file.
And Then: Open the VLC installation folder (Usually Drive:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC).
Then: Move the .lua file into the existing /lua/playlist folder.
Finally: Press Ctrl+N to open the Network URL dialog and paste any YouTube Playlist URL in the input box.

Now you can sit-back grab your YouTube Playlist and enjoy YouTube ad-free.