‘Pikachu’ Mashed Up With ‘Doctor Who’ {T-Shirt}

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They Call it ‘Doctor Chu’. I think its freaking awesome. One of the coolest mash-ups I would’ve ever  seen. Being the coolest Pokemon character  Pikachu is gonna save the galaxy his 3D Glasses!

There’s been speculation circulating the internet for years that Ash is a Time Lord. He never gets older, he’s had a number of companions, and he has the ability to store large things in very small containers.

Well I’m here to tell you that everyone’s been looking at the wrong person, as Ash is the true companion. Who’s the real doctor? Pika…who? No, it’s Doctor Chu!

A new Halolz design plucked out of time and space by ColonelCheru!

Product Page {$17.99-$19.99}