Week In the Geekness #2

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So you’ve survived the 2012 apocalypse that was never going to happen still, Here’s our this week’s pick in geekness

On The Web on the Apocalypse

10 Other Doomsday Predictions That Were Not Correct {Mental Floss}

Phew! You Survived The Mayan Apocalypse. Now What? {NPR}

That’s a Cool Tee


Oho No Hard Feelings Man!


Its Christmas

Anyways, there are only two days left for Christmas. So Check some cool Xmas Art



Creepy Santa Doll

Want Some Pan-cakes


Beyond All That

This is All Your Fault: “Gangnam Style” First YouTube Video in History to Reach One Billion Views {Geekosystem}

Marvel writer Dan Slott is getting death threats for the leaked ending of Spider-Man #700 {iO9}

That’s An Amazing Wedding Cake!


72 Years of Batman Logos on a Single Poster {iO9}

original Batman

X-Men 1992 Cartoon Intro: Stop Motion

Superman and Batman sit down to chat about the latest Man Of Steel trailer.